Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SG Telecom?

SG Telecom is a dynamic services provider of all kind of wireless telecom solution to the traveler while traveling abroad for their short or long term trips. SG Telecom helps in cutting the huge roaming bill which occurs due to high international roaming rates of home network.

Do you provide delivery other than India?

Yes, we offer services to most of the countries across world. Our services and offices are in multiple countries to support all time zones in the world.

Do these SIM cards work with all GSM phones?

The SIM cards will work from every mobile phone. You will have to ensure that your mobile phone is unlocked. In Europe and other parts of the world, providers are working with various frequencies. Please make sure that your mobile phone will operate on the frequency of the country you visit.

Can I unlock my current mobile phone?

In most cases, this will not be a problem. If you own your mobile phone for over a year, your provider will usually unlock your mobile phone free of charge. There are many other specialty stores that unlock your mobile phone for a small fee.

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