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International Travel Insurance

international travel insurance

Buy international travel insurance whenever you travel outside to ensure your safety. You may travel for business meetings or going out with family for vacation the experience is always unique. You must buy a travel insurance for international travelers when going for the first time or going regularly.

Anything can go wrong and the worst part is you do not know many people in the country.

International travel insurance gives you peace of mind and a sense of security for your loved ones. Because there will be a company to take care if something goes wrong.

Travel Insurance Benefits

SG travel insurance packages come with unique features because they are custom made. We are associated with leading insurance providers in India. The objective is to give our customers more enjoyable and stress free trip if something goes wrong. Our international travel insurance package is custom made for SG telecom customers to ensure they get the best available in the market today.

Check out the feature list and buy directly from our website.

Instant activation

Maximum coverage

Best claim settlement rate

Health protection

Complete peace of mind