Cyprus SIM cards & data

About the country

In the year 1974 Cyprus was divided when the Turkish army occupied the northern third of the island. The Turkish Cypriots subsequently declared independence in 1983 as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus but were recognized only by Turkey. Cyprus is a presidential republic. The head of state and of the government is elected by a process of universal suffrage for a five-year term. On economy front the Cypriot has diversified and become prosperous in recent years. However, in 2012 it became affected by the Euro zone financial and banking crisis. According to the CIA World Fact book, in year 2001 Greek Cypriots comprised 77%, Turkish Cypriots 18%, and others 5% of the Cypriot population.

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Country specific Sim cards for Cyprus

Unlimited Free incoming throughout the country

Option of using our Europe Sim card as well.

Option of India calling at local rate.

3G data solution for all the smart phones and other devices.


Passport’s copy of the traveler.

Valid visa or travel ticket’s copy.